Hemorrhoids during pregnancy

CRIORECTUM and CRIORECTUM protect treatment involves applying cold directly to the hemorrhoids, which provides immediate relief from pain, itching, and reduces swelling and bleeding. It is 100% safe and in no way threatens either the mother or the baby. CRIORECTUM cryotherapy stick as well as CRIORECTUM protect suppositories can be used by pregnant women and nursing mothers.

Application of CRIORECTUM stick is completely safe and painless. No chemicals enter the woman's body during application.

Treatment with CRIORECTUM protect suppositories is also completely safe and does not pose any risks.  VIVAPUR MCG 811 P used in Criorectum protect suppositories has no pharmacological, immunological or metabolic effects on the human body. It does not absorb and is fully inert. The primary cause of hemorrhoids during pregnancy is the growing uterus in the following months, which compresses the blood vessels of the abdominal cavity, impeding the outflow of blood from the veins of the pelvis and legs. Nevertheless, persistent and prolonged constipations are a significant cause. They are the result of pregnancy hormones that relax the intestines or a side effect of taking iron supplements. It is extremely important to take care of a fiber-rich diet and to ensure proportional physical activity.

Such advice and guidance will be given to every pregnant woman after going to her gynecologist when hemorrhoidal disease is diagnosed or suspected. Hemorrhoids are very uncomfortable, untreated and left alone they tend to get larger with each subsequent pregnancy, not to mention the discomfort of daily functioning.


Hemorrhoids do not threaten your child's health. Pregnant women may use rectal ointments and suppositories to relieve hemorrhoidal disease only with the approval of their doctor. However, it is important to remember that this always involves getting the drug ingredients into the bloodstream, which is also the baby's bloodstream.

Hemoroidy podczas ciąży. Anurex to nowa metoda leczenia hemoroidów

Currently, there are at least several preparations available on the pharmaceutical market in the form of ointments or suppositories intended to alleviate the symptoms accompanying hemorrhoids or to cure them completely. Information about whether a medicine is suitable for pregnant women should always be on the medicine's packaging or information leaflet. Unfortunately, the effect of these preparations is very often temporary. After discontinuing them, the discomfort returns and the problem remains.